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    Let me help you become a better player


    My method of teaching stems from how lessons were taught in the early years. I use a pad a lot. Working on a practice pad develops hand skills that will be needed in the future for all drummers. I focus heavily on the original 13 rudiments set up by the National Association of Rudimental Drummers. Proper hand technique, body form and kit technique are critical to development of any drummer. I specialize in George Lawerence Stone and Moeller methods. Stone and Moeller were master teachers and their techniques are still in use and taught by today’s master teachers.

    ‚Äč        I teach most standard type lessons, reading, technique, rudiments, independence and interdependence and music and drum history. However, I tailor each lesson to each student’s individual needs. There are the “generals” but every student will learn those differently so I accommodate for each.

    I have half hour and hour lesson available. Generally the first lesson should be a half hour so I can asses the student’s faculty and knowledge. At that point we can discuss if the need is there for a longer lesson.

    The videos below can be used as stand alone lessons or for refreshers through the week. The information in each of these are part of what I give to all my students in their drumming journey.

    Click here for the Rudiments

    Section 1: Beginner/Basic Lessons

    Setting up the kit


    Proper grip/How to Hold the Sticks

    George L. Stone “Up/Down”

    G.L.S. Level System


    Drum Set

    First Drum Beat

    How to Practice

    Using a Mirror


    Hand Speed Developer